thank you

by Samurai Sword

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this is a collection of 7 songs i wrote in my dorm room at college.
i wrote them all about shit i think about all the time.
thanks for listening.


released April 20, 2017

thank you jamie gray for letting me use your drum set for this



all rights reserved


samurai sword Jupiter, Florida

life is pain

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Track Name: ring
i only write in short bursts to keep myself entertained
when it rains i'm in my head, and it always rains
i told the cops to let my friend go now he crawls across my face
and he keeps me up at night in the strangest ways


i'm terrible at keeping secrets and it's always been that way
she's tired of my calls for help that always sound the same
there's this ringing in my ear something i can't explain
exacerbates my fear of the dark, now i'm scared all day
Track Name: i wish
i wish you didn't hate me
i wish a lot of things
i wish my life was different
i wish i'd go to sleep
i wish you'd take a listen
i wish you'd talk to me
i wish my bed was yours now
then we could fall asleep
Track Name: moon
frozen palace in the sun
built between the summer months
tell me how you stand so tall
my chest is red and leaking blood
oh, moon, you're always full this month
tell me how you keep it up
Track Name: 2005
don't want you to leave so soon
today i stayed in
two killers are in my room
and i didn't write this one
Track Name: familiar
i remember when there were only three colors:
the door and the house and the trees all around
jamie floated far above traffic for a picture
oh how could i know what that would mean to me now
and yeah, i left the land of the living for a while
but i made my return through a series of words
i remember when the moon fooled her with reflections
oh, i think about all the things i was told
Track Name: we were a dog in a tub
you were a dog in a tub
medicine filled you up
and when they tried to lift you out the door
you spilled your stomach all across the floor
i am a bird without wings
first i will jump and then i'll sing
and when they tried to bring me back to life
i shut them out and then i closed my blinds
we were a dog in a tub
we tried to lift each other up
and we were alone in the sand
i could feel your pulse through your hand
through your hand