this is my tea dance

by samurai sword

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i tried


released May 11, 2016



all rights reserved


samurai sword Jupiter, Florida

life is pain

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Track Name: it's not the k9 unit
no one talks about anything
i took her to the top of an empty building
i like to go up there sometimes
i say i'll stay forever and i just might

i wanna sink into the dirt
i always wear this fuckin shirt
and soon they'll send me far away
i used to wanna go but now i wanna stay

kick the raft watch me float off from the shore
empty out your stomach on the floor
and soon it will be time
Track Name: this is my tea dance
you would wait for time to pass and lay there in your skin
i will never leave you lonely wondering again

i know it's getting harder for you to believe
and you never wanna get up out of those sheets
cause they're so soft and you don't have to move

but the day will come and you will see
you're better suited for those feet
and we'll pay to have your name carved on the moon
Track Name: we are the dog in a tub
you are a dog in a tub
medicine fills you up
and when they tried to lift you out the door
you spilled your stomach all across the floor

i am a bird without wings
first i will jump and then i'll sing
and when they tried to bring me to the light
i shut them out and then i closed the blinds

we are a dog in a tub
we try to lift eachother up
and when we're alone in the sand
i can feel your pulse through your hand
Track Name: birthday card
i still have all her board games in my backpack
i'm bad at them or at least that's what i'm told
i still have all her writings at my bedside
but i forgot her birthday card at home

i am the ghost that haunts her while she's sleeping
and i poured water all across her face
lately we've hung out more in the evening
some days it's hard for me (us) to be awake